Let’s Preview: Fire Pro Wrestling World

Fire Pro Wrestling is the wrestling game the PC has sorely needed for years. Finally, it’s here, and, if you were one of those people who were waiting for Pro Wrestling X to finally be an actual game, you can stop waiting and play this beast of a game right now. It’s in early access, and there’s a few small issues, but overall, the gameplay is excellent and I cannot be more excited for a wrestling game on PC that isn’t vaporware or another crappy WWE port.

As far as wrestling games go, the Fire Pro Series has basically been the same since the dawn of time. No real story mode, a deep, engrossing create-a-wrestler, and tons of neat little AI control pieces so that when you’re finished building your guy, he’s going to act like the real thing.

I really mean that. You make a wrestler and then add input for the AI. He will taunt when he’s supposed to, he will run away when he’s supposed to, he’ll even chain moves together at your behest, all of that is part of the create-a-wrestler.


There isn’t much in the way of modes yet, like, no building your own television show with an audience you have to keep happy or anything like that, but, there are landmine matches, death matches, cage matches, things like that. The great part of this game is the mechanics in the ring and how you can customize each individual piece, so, a lot of people use this to simulate fantasy wrestling or to build their own leagues, so, here’s to hoping promotion mode makes it into FPW –World.

The graphics look like somebody built the game in flash. It’s not the most beautiful thing in the world, but graphically, it’s much better than previous iterations of Fire Pro. The great thing about the graphics is that everything is interchangeable. This means that when you’re building wrestlers, you can literally add or remove anything. Sometimes the pieces do not exactly fit together, and you get weird clipping issues where their chest and stomach do not meet up or something, but, if you’re paying attention when building your characters, it all works out just fine.

The audio again hasn’t really changed from previous iterations, but it’s still a step above the licensed soundtracks you find in the yearly wrestling games made by WWE. The menu music in WWE games always haunts me, and it’s usually just about as bad as that Paintball game’s soundtrack, but Fire Pro does a good job of keeping menu music and even in-game music something that is background noise instead of constant annoyance.


The design elements in this game are wonderful. It’s not that anything has changed much from previous incarnations, you still have the same groups of wrestlers from the past, as the game doesn’t change much iteration to iteration, but the nuts and bolts are there to make a fascinating game. I can’t remember how to do it now, (or, even if it’s possible in this version), but, I remember falling in love with Fire Pro Wrestling originally because I could do tackle drop down spots with the computer and it would play along.

I am usually pretty difficult to please when it comes to wrestling games, and that’s because of my time in an actual wrestling ring. I spent a good number of years in a car traveling from place to place and, as Jimmy Flame would say, perfecting the art of hitting people with the planet. This game allows you to just fool around and play wrestling games with your friends, build as many of your own wrestlers as you can think of, and even build stables, create fantasy rosters, book your own events, all of that kind of stuff, just using your imagination and the game’s in-depth logic customization system. To say Fire Pro Wrestling is the best wrestling game series ever made isn’t anywhere close to being an exaggeration, and, this version has a lot of the important pieces already in place, we just have to see how much further they are going to go before they decide this game’s done. There are plenty of planned additions, including custom entrance music, more robust editing tools, and additional game modes and match options.

Multiplayer is 1-8 local payers, and allows 2 players online, but, at the moment, it seems pretty laggy and even buggy. My friend and I tried it out, and, he ended up controlling my character, and 


I ended up controlling the John Cena C.A.W. he downloaded. Because of the lag, I’m pretty sure he couldn’t see me.

There’s a lot of things to learn in this game. Incredible in-depth AI control and customization makes this game amazing. Here’s a video of a guy explaining a bit of the logic editing, it’s so complicated that you’ll probably have to run through the video a time or two, but, he covers it pretty well. 

If you’re one of those hardcore wrestling fans, and are upset that your favourite guys aren’t already in the game, build them yourself! If you’re interested in simulating a wrestling promotion with your own wrestlers, or, like me, have wrestled and want to just be able to simulate the glory days, this game allows you to set up AI matches so you don’t have to even be bothered with messing with the actual game to put on a show.

This game has the potential to be amazing on PC, with the ability to add characters, thousands of moves, an interesting and fun combat system, and the power of sharing creations with your friends. (Most of the good ones on the steam store are jokes, like Fair Bear the Ref, The Tsundretaker, and Bob Ross)

Early access, the game’s only $20.00 USD, so, if you’re into wrestling games at all, you’re silly to not get this right away.

Get this game on Steam 

Disclosure: I paid $20.00 for this game, and you should too!

Developed by: Spike Chunsoft Co. LTD.

Published by: Spike Chunsoft Co. LTD. Too, so, here’s their Twitter

aaaaand, the Subreddit: https://www.reddit.com/r/firepro/



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