Let’s Preview: Brawlout

Are you looking for a new reason to get pissed off at your friends?

Do you feel like you missed out on the greatest fighting game of all time because you weren’t around 16 years ago? Are you looking for a modern fighting experience that doesn’t require a broken or modded controller? Well then I have the game for you. Brawlout is brand new fighting game that borrows a lot of the fighting styles and techniques from everyone’s favorite fighting game Super Smash Brother Melee. It repackages those styles into a much more modern fighting experience for the PC. Now, I know what you’re thinking, wasn’t Rivals of Aether supposed to do the exact same thing? Yes, but from my understanding that game isn’t received as much attention from the developers as the players would want, leaving them with an incomplete gaming experience. The developers behind this game are extremely dedicated to this project and aim to make it the preeminent fighting experience for the PC. Even though the game is still in beta, ESL (Electronic Sports League) is already holding online tournaments for this game, already giving it more eSports appeal over Rivals of Aether.

Currently the game only features six fighters, but each fighter currently released has been extremely polished and balanced and share similarities with other familiar fighters from other games. Some of the fighters and their comparisons already include:

  • Paco: who favors DK
  • Volt: who favors Pikachu
  • Sephi-ra: who favors a combination of Fox and Sheik
  • King Apu: who favors Zero Suit Samus
  • Cheif Feathers: who favors Meta Knight
  • Olaf Tyson: I really have no idea who this guy is like, he’s very unique

Currently they have 3 more fighter they are working on and they plan to release before the game’s official release, then once the game is released they plan on releasing more and more characters. This game also features a number of “techs” some of which are familiar and some completely unique. Currently the game features wavedashing, wavelanding and land cancelling. They have created their own tech called pop-cancelling. This allows you to pop out of a late aerial and still carry your momentum. Another unique mechanic this game features is a Rage Bar. The Rage Ba

r increases as you deal or take damage. So, at 50% you can activate your Rage Bar for a combo breaker that stops your fighter’s momentum and pushes your opponent away. If you wait until the bar reaches 100% you can activate it which allows you for a short time to have increased knockback on your opponents and less knockback on your fighter. The developers are also fine tuning these techs are the game progresses as well. Currently there is no ledge grabbing in the game, so that means if you are knocked off the stage it is more more difficult to save yourself, but they plan on adding ledge grabbing in a future update that should be coming soon. After a recent update this week, ledge grabbing has been added!!! The developers are very transparent about their goals and direction for this game and have even set up a trello where you can follow their roadmap.

You can really tell the developers are extremely dedicated to making Brawlout the preeminent “Smash” game and paying very close attention to community feedback to create a game that the players want. I am very excited to see where this project is headed and will continue to update you all as the game continues development. Special shout out to Yoehn, the community Manager for this game, for helping me out with all my noob questions. Check him out on Twitter and Twitch. 

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Disclosure: I paid for my copy of the game

Check out the Developer and Publisher: Angry Mob Games

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