DreamHack Austin Day 3

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I awoke on Sunday in Austin a little groggy from the night before, but after some food I was back at it and on my way to the convention center for Day 3. By now a lot of the event had died down, with the exception of the CS:GO and other eSports stages. When I got there the Free Play PC’s were being packed up as well as the BYOC area. The Monster booth had also stopped caring about their drink rule and were letting people leave with their beverages. So the last day of every event I attend is the day I like to spend my extra money on merchandise. I cleaned house with four t-shirts, including a Top Dad shirt, so that means I won’t have to do laundry for the next four weeks.

Since a majority of the expo had already closed down I spent a majority of the day watching CS:GO. In between matches I would wonder around the expo floor to see if there was anything I had missed. I walked in on the ending of the Street Fighter 5 tournament. I had no idea what was going on, but the entire crowd was going fucking nuts the entire fight. There was more hype for this fight than anything I had witnessed at the CS:GO stage, even with a smaller crowd. I still really don’t know what exactly happened, but the crowds rowdy demeanor has me interested in finding out what the fighting game community is all about. I also stumbled on a very interesting event on the main stage. On stage the Texas A&M and University of Texas collegiate League of Legends teams were facing off. In the end the University of Texas won, as usual. It was really cool to see them carrying on the rivalry between the schools despite their football teams not playing each other anymore. Another area I failed to mention earlier was the Streamer Zone. The Streamer Zone consisted of about a dozen computers set up facing a crowd and would have various streamers playing games and streaming it all on their own personal twitch streams. Whenever I passed the booth I never saw any streamers I recognized so I never really stuck around. The whole thing felt kind of weird, like a people museum.

Aside from that there really wasn’t anything else I did on Day 3 aside from watch CS:GO. I could tell the finals were going to go late and by this time it was 7PM and I was hungry. I met my friend down the street at Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken for some of the best fried chicken I’ve ever had in my life. Gambit ended up be the victors of the CS:GO tournament and took home the $50,000 grand prize. After the fried chicken we went back to my friends house to watch Silicon Valley and have a couple more cans of Dabney Juice. Overall I thoroughly enjoyed the event and had a blast. I did feel that if I was just a regular attendant and wasn’t there to cover the event, I would have run out of stuff to do if I were there the entire 3 days. I felt that a huge part of DreamHack Austin experience was the BYOC area that ran 24/7. If I was able to go to a spot to hang out and play my own games with my buddies the whole time, it would have made the event that much better. I’ll definitely be attending next year, and I plan to talk a bunch of my friends into upgrading to BYOC passes so we can all go in style.


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