Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade

Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade has had a very rocky start since being released. From starting as a game with a $30 price tag and making a huge switch to a Free-To-Play model this game has witnessed its fair share of issues. Typically when this happens to a game it is a death sentence. It leaves players feeling that the developers don’t really “care” about the project and adding a payment model will fuck the game up and make it “Pay-To-Win”. There are very few games that are able to use the FTP model and still be successful, DOTA 2 and TF2 are both great examples. W40K:EC has surprisingly also done an amazing job in creating their progression system in game. Yes there are guns you can pay money for right off the bat, but those are not the best guns in the game and have penalties for using them. The best weapons and items in game are all unlocked by spending Requisition points which are earned by playing the game and are basically XP points. So yes you can drop some money starting out and it will give you a slight advantage starting out and cooler looking weapons, but those benefits doesn’t last very long.

So I’m not too sure of the history of this game. I have been “paying attention” to it since I first saw it on the Steam Store, but saw it didn’t have the greatest of reviews so I held off on buying it and kind of forgot about the game. Fast forward to a couple months ago where this game was in a Humble Bundle so I threw some money to my local charity of choice, Hope 4 Houston, and decided to give the game a try. Sometime after me purchasing the game from Humble Bundle and me playing it, the game made the switch from P2P to F2P. So I really don’t know what this game looked like before making the switch. But what I can say is that the game I have been playing is loads of fun. W40K:EC plays like a game in the Battlefield Franchise, but is 3rd person and has melee combat so also reminds me a bit of Gears of War. There are currently 4 factions to choose from: Space Marines, Eldar, Ork and Chaos Space Marines. Since my group of friends were playing Chaos, I chose them as well so that I could play with my friends. Since you choose a faction whenever you fight one of the others, so if you chose Chaos like me you will only fight Space Marines, Orks and Eldar, never your own faction. That also means if you want to play with friends you must all choose the same faction.

There are a couple of game types when playing online as well. Every time there is a faction on Offense and one on Defense. One game type is a capture the point game type where the Offensive faction has to capture and hold 3 different points on the map and earn enough points to win before time expires. The other game type is very similar, but the Offensive team has to capture the points in order and cannot capture any other points out of order. The Offensive team has a specific amount of time to complete these captures and are rewarded with more time for each capture. The Defensive team has a set number of re-spawns, 150, and if they use up all these they will no longer re-spawn. I enjoy this game type more, it’s more organized in my opinion and you have all of your fellow squads focusing on one objective instead of running all over the map doing whatever the fuck that want. There is also a PVE/CO OP Mode where you and your squad fight waves of Tyranids. I’ve tried playing this mode a couple times with friends, but it was always a shit show and we never got that far. We also weren’t earning much XP so we played the PVP mode mostly.

There are also a number of classes you can play as well. All factions have the same classes with a few differences, but I’ll go over those differences later. Here are the classes for the Chaos Space Marine Campaign. Traitor: Your basic marine type class, uses rifles and grenades, can capture points. Assault Traitor: Basically the same class but uses melee weapons instead, can capture points. Havoc: Heavy weapons class and my favorite, can be anti-vehicle or anti-personnel, cannot capture points. Aspiring Sorcerer: Healer Class, uses melee weapons, cannot capture points. The final class is Raptor, it should be noted that this class can only be unlocked if you purchase the $20 Squadron Edition, which is a premium upgrade. I already had this because I has purchased the game in a Humble Bundle prior to the game going F2P. This class is a flying class that has rockets on its back allowing it to make super jumps and attack enemies with melee weapons, but it cannot capture points. I really dislike this class, I find melee too difficult to bother with and just prefer to shoot the shit out of my enemies. There is one big difference with this class between factions, the Eldar flying class has a rifle and is able to shoot in the air, like Pharah from Overwatch, where the other flying classes only use melee weapons. I really don’t consider this an advantage because Eldar are basically made out of tissue paper and are easy to take down with decent aiming.

So far, I have really enjoyed my time with this game and can’t recommend it enough. I mean come on, it’s a free to play Battlefield with Warhammer 40k characters. As far as upgrading to premium, I will recommend that you hold off and play the game to find out for yourself if you want to spend the money on it, but it is not necessary. If you do decide to play and go Chaos, feel free to join my guild the Secret Lemon Society (SLS). We are always accepting new members and play very frequently.


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Disclosure: I paid for this game before it went Free-To-Play

Check out the Developer: Behaviour Digital Inc.

Check out the Publishers: BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment and Behaviour Digital Inc.

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