Introvert Quest

Introvert Quest is by far the most peculiar game I have reviewed to date. I’m not calling at a “bad” game by any means, it’s just that the audience intended for this game is extremely specific. But before I get into the nitty gritty, I’ll cover some of the more basic stuff first. First of all this game was created in RPG Maker. I really try not to lump all RPG Maker games into one genre, I don’t feel like it’s fair to the developers. In truth the type games that come out of RPG Maker can vary greatly in both quality to genre. Sure RPG Maker has its constraints, but it is still possible to create great content using this platform. This game is a great example of a very unique product created with limited resources.

Have you ever had days where you wake up and just can’t seem to get your day started? You’ve tried different methods to help you get going, but you still feel the same way? Well then this game is for you. You play as the protagonist who is a 20 something male, who just can’t seem to get his life together. Instead of being a normal productive member of society, the protagonist opts to sleeping in and staying up late playing video games. He also tries his best not to go outside and orders food to be delivered to his apartment instead of going to a grocery store and cooking for himself. The game starts out with you waking up in the morning with dread. You have an appointment with your therapist that afternoon and you really don’t want to hear what he has to say because it’s going to be something along the lines of “Stop being a pussy and go outside you depressed fuck”. Then there’s a cut scene where you travel to your therapist’s office and once you arrive there you speak with the receptionist. She mentions how it’s a surprise that you actually showed up because you’ve had a habit of not showing up for appointments. You then meet with your therapist and he basically tells you what you were afraid of, but in a much nicer way.

This is where the game play actually begins. During your meeting he gives you 3 tasks to accomplish that day and to meet with him afterwards. You are to purchase a pet, buy some groceries and visit the park. So then you return home and then head out to complete your tasks (quests). While completing these quests you encounter a number of humorous encounters,but I’ll refrain from giving away the funny parts, because they’ll give a bit away about the story.

When you go to the park you encounter the game’s “battle” system. Since this game is about trying to be a normal person and not about fighting other people, the battle takes place in game on an app in your cell phone. The game is a monster collecting game like pokemon, but the big difference being that the attacks you make have quick timing events and button mashing combinations adding a bit of spice to the battles.

After completing your tasks you return to your therapist and he is somewhat impressed by what you have accomplished. Then he gives you another task to complete that night. You have to go out to a bar and socialize with other young people. This is basically your biggest fear ever. That’s as far as I’ll get with the synopsis because it’s better experience for yourself.

As far as the graphics of this game are concerned, this game is really no different than any other RPG Maker game. But, this game does have a good bit of developer created drawing for the characters in the game and those are done very well. Next thing I noticed was how well the text and dialogue were written in this game. For a game like this, dialogue plays a huge part in this game and the developers have realized this and have placed a huge focus on that. The dialogue very entertaining and will keep you from skipping past it during cutscenes. As far as a recommendation is concerned, I cannot recommend it for everyone. It is definitely for people who enjoy story driven RPGs and feeling a little down about themselves. But those who fit that demographic are definitely in for a treat. It also comes in at a very cheap price at $5 on the Steam Store.


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Developer & Publisher:  Amaterasu Software

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