Gods Will Be Watching

What happens when those “choose your own adventure” books from your childhood have a totally heterosexual relationship with “180 days of Sodom” by Marquis DeSade? They for some reason shit out a pixelated gore porn interactive visual novel that is so difficult it makes your brain hurt. This is “Gods Will Be Watching” – and, if they are, Jesus Christ they aren’t doing a damn thing about it.

Brutal in it’s topics, but simple in it’s gameplay – Gods Will be Watching is the point and click adventure no child should ever be in the room for. You start out shooting hostages in the legs and threatening security forces while your buddy is jacking into the matrix to steal information for a terrorist cell. If you can somehow pass this mission without murdering all of your hostages, you get to be tied to a chair and have all your teeth pulled out with pliers by a guy who looks like a blonde Danny Zucko while he smokes cigarettes and makes fun of his partner who looks like the animated Batman cartoon villain Bain. It’s just brutal choices the whole way through.

Really, you aren’t racked for time or stuck doing anything in any specific order. There’s no right or wrong way to do it, and the cool thing is, at the end of every level, you’re given a list of how other people solved it, meaning you can compare your style to everyone else. Trying to not fail them is super difficult though. It’s a lot of trial and error, and you’ll be repeating things often if you don’t choose the easier game modes. The randomness itself is a huge hassle, but even puzzle mode can be brutal in the rigidity of it’s requirements to succeed.

To call this anything but a puzzle game with pieces of randomness would be a disservice, because trying to solve these missions is about as puzzle like as a game could get, but – sometimes the answers aren’t clear or straightforward. The rules change, and when you make your choices, they are definitely impacting your ability to make further choices in the level. I would say it’s unfair, but because of the subject matter, it’s maybe more important to realize that every success is super unlikely, and that’s really true – not many people survive being tortured while tied to chairs for multiple days, or at fending off cops, or surviving in frozen tundras.

The graphics are very pixely but not in a bad way – I can tell what’s going on all the time, and the graphics – if anymore realistic, would be really hard to look at when brutality is going on. The music fits as well, with nothing out of place. A great soundtrack by Fingerspit, Overall, the important pieces are here for a very well done production. Remember how I was talking about the removal of teeth with the pliers thing? The guy pulls them out, gives them a look, then stuffs them in his pocket. That’s the kind of animation  you’re getting. It’s not that it’s beautiful, because the subject matter is so messed up, but it’s WELL DONE.

I don’t really have any major complaints, other than repeating levels over and over, but, that’s because I am just bad at making decisions, I guess. You can play the game on easy mode and won’t have to deal with all of that nonsense to get the story, and, the story alone is worth 10 bucks. Oh, one other thing – screenshots through steam do not work. I don’t know why, but they don’t. I stole all of these pictures from their steam page because it wouldn’t work. (I’m assuming that it’s because they don’t want spoilers everywhere… at least, that’s the argument I’m going with.) So, if there’s a problem with me using these screenshots, I hope they let me know.

If you’re one of those people who enjoys to have a deep emotional connection to characters, this game is tough to play. But, I think that’s the point. The whole game is like a rape scene full of clowns. Really freakin’ brutal, and nothing to laugh at, but for some reason you can’t look away. I think it’s worth buying if you’re into the gore porn genre, but, if you’re weak of stomach, steer clear. It’s not for sissies.



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Disclosure: We received this game from a friend who had an extra copy

Developed by: Deconstructeam

Published by: Devolver Digital



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