First Looks: Fort Triumph

I had the opportunity to fool around with the Fort Triumph demo and I couldn’t have been more excited. I cannot wait to get my hands on a release copy of this game, because it definitely deserves a real solid playthrough. It’s currently on kickstarter even though it’s already been Greenlit through Steam. The game has been described by many as “Fantasy XCOM” and, that’s a pretty accurate description.

Fort Triumph is a game with the modern playability of the new XCOM titles with the sword n’ sorcery high fantasy tomfoolery of Warcraft. If you’re into tactics games, check this game out. The jokes are corn. The battles are kinda difficult if you’re sloppy. As far as the demo’s concerned, when somebody dies, they’re gone forever, and most of the missions are definitely geared towards a fuller party.

The graphics are that World of Warcraft/Hearthstone style Blizzard feeling graphics, and, that’s not a bad thing at all, they look great and they clearly detail what’s going on without being overly hardware intensive or too overly detailed. You can clearly see what is going on, which is about where graphics should really be. It’s less pretty than Hollow Knight or even the Tenth Line, but, that’s probably just personal opinion. The audio is alright, nothing special, but nothing really annoying or overdone. The sounds work for the game.

The big difference between this and an XCOM game from a gameplay standpoint is that your characters can and will interact with the environment in so many different ways to get the job done. Kicking over signposts or moving boxes to hide behind isn’t just a cool optional feature, it’s basically your only choice if success is going to be viable. Enemies can and will kill your party members quickly, so you need to remain behind cover whenever possible to succeed. This is a really neat feature because it makes you feel like everything is a potential threat to you.

The melee characters feel like a huge hassle to protect, I know their job is to protect your ranged characters, but the lack of range makes them especially easy to catch in the open, which makes them very vulnerable to damage. Each character levels on their own, so it’s important that they get kills too, meaning pushing them into risky positions is the real optimal choice. If there isn’t a way to get them back (or recruiting new ones), I can see this as potentially limiting. Of course, in real life, your melee front line would constantly need refreshing, as it would be a dangerous role. Perhaps there’s something in the main game that isn’t in the demo that reflects this.

Overall, I think the game is spectacular, and I believe supporting this developer on kickstarter is a good thing. They didn’t bring a buggy mess or a half-cocked idea. The groundwork has been laid, now, the haul to the end is here. I’ll be watching for Fort Triumph’s release, here’s to hoping it’s going to be kickstarted.

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Disclosure: We got the demo from the Steam Store

Developed by: Fort Triumph LTD

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