Over the weekend I had the opportunity to test out a new game known as: PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS. PB is a free for all/hunger games/last man standing type game where you are dropped into a world with about one-hundred people and you have to fight to the death with the goal of being the last person alive. Now this type of game isn’t anything new, H1Z1 is the same kind of game and has been for years and more recently The Culling was released which was quite a flop. And although I haven’t played it much, apparently this game type has been a mod in ARMA for quite some time too. From the little big of research I did on this game, I did find out that the lead developer for this game, was also a Mod Maker for ARMA in the past.

At first glance, this game looks just like H1Z1, but with some glaring differences. First of all, it’s actually a beautiful game. I ran the game on “Low” settings, because my PC isn’t the greatest, but had a steady 60fps the entire time. The next huge difference between this game and H1Z1 are the lack of bugs. In all of my playtime over the weekend, I only came across one bug while playing that actually got me killed. I was driving a car and approaching the an enemy. I tried jumping out of my car and shooting him, but I wound up accidentally running over myself and dieing. Not sure if this even actually was a bug, or if the game does not want you to jump out of cars to kill people, an exploit that was used in H1Z1. You will also notice a lack of a crafting system. I really like how this is done, because it keeps you from wasting your time managing resources and allows you to focus more on killing and moving. There are also add ons and attachments for the guns you find allowing you to customize your guns to your specific needs.

I’ve always said that H1Z1 is a fun game, but it is not a good game by any means. I’ve had hours of enjoyment from that game, but there are still game breaking bugs that will just ruin your day. So far PB feels like they are here to fix that issue. Their goal is to make a game that is both fun and actually good. Keep in mind H1Z1 has been in “development” for years now. PB has been in beta for just a few months and already feels like a better product than H1Z1. This has been just a short look at where the game is currently, expect more information down the line as the betas will continue and even more information on final release.

Find out more on their Steam page.

We received this game for free.

Check out the Publisher: Bluehole


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